Akari Meet & Greet

Ravena and Teng battled it out in a friendly shootout match during a meet and greet hosted by Akari. Collegiate superstars Jeron Teng and Kiefer Ravena engaged in a basketball shootout game held recently at SM City Fairview. The duo, who are Akari Dual Power brand ambassadors, were joined by Akari customers who made the qualifying purchase from Ace Hardware. Rafael Morales from Team Kiefer bested the other finalist from Team Jeron and won a dual powered rechargeable lantern from Akari. Apart from the said activity, fans of Ravena and Teng were also able to have their photos taken with their idols during the meet and greet in the same event.

For more photos, check out Akari’s official Facebook page, www.facebook.com/AkariLights.

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