The Whys of Juan in Going Online

As our country takes its fair share of steps toward digital age, more and more Filipinos are taking advantage of the benefits of online shopping. Akari, your everyday partner in your lighting and technology needs presents an insightful infographic to help you explore the wonders of the online world:

4 Waves of advantages

Wave 1: 24/7 Shopping

– Gone are the days when you have to consider shopping centers’ operating hours, because the inception of online shopping platforms enables consumers to buy items anytime they desire.

Wave 2: Unlimited Scope

– Sky is the limit for you, as the Internet offers a great variety of items. Starting from the generic devices, appliances, clothes, etc., to hard-to-find gems in the market plus having the access to a wide array of price comparisons – all at your fingertips.


Wave 3: No Queues

– By transacting online, it only takes a few clicks to turn those virtual wants into an actual one – minus the long queues. No need to wait for your turn to pay to the cashier nor to wrestle for a parking slot.


Wave 4: Special Offers

– e-Commerce never runs out of ways to encourage shoppers to make an online purchase. May it be through free shipping, discount vouchers, or the much awaited 11/11 and 12/12. Stay alert to fish out great deals!

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