The Best Gift for the Best Fathers

Regardless of their chosen profession, a father’s role in a household shall remain as the pillar of every home. Despite having a little time off, they always manage to make sure that every corner of the house is intact and functioning well. This Father’s Day, Akari presents you gift ideas to your dad that will come in handy!

For Super Dads

We may not see their cape with our naked eyes, but it sure is present every time he saves the day. Help him wear his full armor by giving him Akari’s Rechargeable Lights Collection. No threats will come his way—keeping his family out of danger.

Daddy, The Homemaker

Who says a father can’t turn a house into a home? If a woman can be competitive in a workplace, so as dad in their own homes. Bring him the peace of mind he deserves, because with Akari’s Mosquito Killer, your father will be worry-free from the peril of mosquito-borne diseases attacking his family.


As the provider of our needs and even indulger of our wants at times, our dads should have their fair share of comfort while running the business whole day long. To make that possible, Akari’s Rechargeable Fans is the key. The portability and convenience they provide is just fitting to cover him as he roams from corner-to-corner.

Techy Pops

Most fathers have a little time on their hands, that is why they are more into efficiency. If yours is fond of doing things simultaneously, better wrap him Akari Extension Cords, this will equip him with safety while making the best out of his electronics and gadgets.

Our dads are not known in being sentimental, but it is not an excuse to let this day of appreciation pass. Make sure to do your part and grab him an Akari gift or two!

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