Akari’s buy-one-get-one promo

Akari’s buy-one-get-one promo. Looking for a practical gift idea this holiday season? Akari, the country’s top lighting and electrical brand, offers a buy-one-get-one promo on its portable rechargeable fans, exclusively available in Ace Hardware stores nationwide. The bundle promo also comes with a free Christmas eco bag.

Purchase the Akari 6-inch LED Rechargeable Cooling Fan for only Php 999.75 and get another rechargeable fan valued at Php 799.75 for free! These rechargeable cooling fans are must-haves during camping trips with family and friends, at home when there is a power outage, or even for everyday use. To know more, visit or Facebook page,


Be emergency-ready this rainy season with reliable Akari products

It’s the rainy season once again, posing hazard to the Filipinos’ health and homes.

Akari, the leading lighting and technology brand in the country, aims to help you keep your home and family safe and to be emergency-ready this rainy season.

Equip your home with Akari LED emergency light to provide you with temporary lighting of up to 7 hours during a power outage. To ensure a longer battery lifespan, it features overcharge/over-discharge protection so you can keep it plugged in and ready-to-use in times of sudden blackouts.

To avoid mosquito-borne diseases common during the wet season, Akari offers a wide range of electric mosquito killers that can cover up to 100 square meters with a zapping voltage of up to 1400V.

Akari also has an AC/DC 12-inch bluetooth music box fan that can keep you cool and entertained when there is a power interruption. This rechargeable fan can operate for up to six hours; you can also play your favorite tunes via Bluetooth with its built-in speaker.

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Akari offers gift ideas for the holiday season

If you’re looking for practical gift ideas, Akari, the country’s top lighting and electrical brand, offers products that will definitely be appreciated as they can be used all-year round!

The Akari LED desk lamp is the perfect gift with a price tag of only PHP 295. It is available in four different colors and comes in a Christmas packaging complete with gift tag, sparing you from gift-wrapping chores. Also available is the Akari 4W LED desk lamp with eye protection feature, which is currently available on a Christmas promo price of PHP 995 for two.

Meanwhile, Christmas-edition Akari rechargeable fans are now available at Akari partner stores nationwide. Check out your favorite DIY hardware stores for exclusive promos.

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Reliable Akari products for rainy season emergencies

Rainy season is once again upon us. With it comes emergencies we should be prepared for, especially power failures that can cause various inconveniences. Lack of electricity will make studying in the dark a struggle for the kids, while causing sleep discomfort for parents and kids alike.

Akari, the country’s top lighting and electrical brand, solves your power failure troubles with reliable rechargeables that allow you to continuously perform tasks comfortably in the face of power outage.

For rainy days when electrical supply fails, Akari offers LED emergency lights with two lamps, each with its individual on/off switch and battery life that can last up 30 hours. It also features a battery indicator that allows you to monitor its energy supply level.

Akari also offers rechargeable LED lanterns with flashlight, good for up to 12 hours operating time. It comes with a 5V output USB charging port which can be used to charge your mobile phone in extreme emergency case.

Meanwhile, to help ease the heat during brownouts, Akari offers handy rechargeable mini-fans with 1 watt torch lamp and 1.2 watt desklamp, good for up to 9 hours emergency time.

Keep these products handy at home because as they say, being over-prepared for emergency situations is better than being caught underprepared.

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Akari unveils Dual Power Series extension cords

After introducing its Dual Power Rechargeable Series, Akari, the country’s top lighting and electrical brand, unveils its Dual Power Extension Cords.

Whereas the dual power rechargeables can be powered via AC and Solar charging – handy in times of emergencies and power outages, the new Akari Dual Power extension cords offer two power outputs: AC socket and USB port.

The first of its kind in the Philippine market, the Akari Dual Power USB Tower extension cord features 11-gang sockets with 2-ampere USB ports for quick and efficient charging of smartphones and tablets.

Watch out for the Akari Dual Power rechargeable desk lamps soon to hit the stores.

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